Take-5 .22 Rimfire, pistol and rifle


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The founding purpose of  Take-5 is to provide a fun time shooting with .22 rimfire pistol and rifle at a variety of steel targets, focusing on youth, women and new shooters as well as providing a challenging time for those experienced in the shooting sports.

There are normally five stages for each regular match, hence the name - Take-5 .

The world's fastest steel stage is "Blazer" and the records are maintained. Each Take-5 club is invited to submit their Blazer record times.

Check out the package and see how you can get your own  Take-5 venue in action.

Whatever type of .22 pistol or rifle, you will fit right in to one of our classifications of entry.

The Take-5 package for you and your range is now available.

Take-5 package -- A complete package so you can set up your own Take-5 experience. This is intended to give you a "turn-key" way to get started with the fun of .22 rimfire, both handgun and rifle.

You get a lot in this package:

-- one computer folder contains several files that are the manual of how to set up and run a Take-5 match, suggested rules, match registration sheet, score sheet that can be customized for each match, Excel score sheet, Excel Blazer sheet, how to design your own stages (with symbols and basic format) and all contact information, including how to e-mail in your scores if desired;

-- a second computer folder presently contains more than 50 files. These are the current inventory of  Take-5 stages that have already been used. The stages are summarized on several pages containing 6 stages per page for easy reference. Each stage is then included as a single page with more detail for printing. The Happy Face template is also included.

-- when you join in with Take-5 , you can have your scores posted on the Internet without having to create and maintain a web site on your own. All you do is e-mail the Excel score files to Take-5 and it is posted for you, along with posting your Blazer record scores.

-- your club can be set up on the Take-5 web site to provide exposure for your range. It is like having your own web site.


-- Inexpensive -- the entire package is available at no charge from Take-5  .

-- Please send an e-mail to Tom e-mail to get your club going with Take-5 


More about Take-5 :

The stages consist primarily of reactive steel targets of various kinds. The targets are either stationary and "ring" when they are hit, or fall down when they are hit. For regular matches, pistol shooters have 5 targets on each stage and rifle shooters have 6 targets on each stage. The stages are engaged by each shooter a specified number of times. If engaged once, it is one string. If engaged three times, it is three strings, with the clock stopping after each string. The times for all strings are counted, so make every shot count. Participating facilities will e-mail their match results to Take-5 and the results will be posted on the Take-5 site.
Safety is paramount and there should be certified Range Officers ("RO") to run the match. New shooters should have an orientation before the match begins. Young shooters are recommended to be interviewed by the RO's (without their parents being present) to be sure they understand their firearm and safety. Their participation should be at the discretion of the RO's, as are all other participants.
Most ranges are a cold range, which means a firearm can only be handled at a safe table, or when an RO gives you the command to load and make ready when it is your time to shoot. At a cold range, ammunition cannot be handled at the safe table, but can be handled anywhere else. It is recommended to have a bag for your pistol to carry it around and to carry it to the line when it is your time to shoot. Rifles need to have the bolt open, or an indicator that it is open and empty, keeping the rifle aimed upward at all times, until it is your time to shoot.


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See you at the range & make every shot count!

For more information, contact Tom Schiller via e-mail

last update Nov 7, 2011